Welcome to (un)Enlightened Academy!

Hi all! If you were looking for (un)Enlightened English or (un)Enlightened Philosophy, you may have noticed some changes afoot, so I wanted to make a quick news post to explain what is happening to the site.

We have merged (un)Enlightened English and (un)Enlightened Philosophy and have added two more categories (Education and Technology) as well. While the goal of the site is primarily to help answer students’ questions, we now have the space to accommodate the queries of educators who are looking for new pedagogical techniques, and those who are looking for discussions on technology. Some of these pieces will be an op-ed style, which will allow returning visitors to have something to look forward to, not to mention allow them a greater contribution in the content and tone of the site.

The topics will be (pretty much) as follows:

English: This will cover grammar quick fixes, detailed posts about grammar, and general writing advice.
Philosophy: This will cover famous philosophers, common questions about philosophy, and breakdowns of philosophical theories.
Education: This will cover pedagogical techniques in addition to op-ed pieces about the state of educational affairs.
Technology: This will cover theoretical discussions of technology and gaming in addition to assistance with simple technological problems.

Of course, topics may deviate from this basic structure as time goes on, but this should give you a basic overview of the new site’s functions.

So, if you’re an (un)E English reader, there will be posts from more than just Kelly and Charles, and if you’re an (un)E Philosophy reader, there will be posts from more than just Joseph and Zack. I hope you enjoy the changes!

Be sure to check out our About page for more info.

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