CCCC 2011: Atlanta, GA

Hi all! You may be stumbling upon this site because of this year’s 4Cs, in which case I want to let you know what I’m doing this year, etc.

Unfortunately, I’m only doing a workshop this year and not a panel–but the workshop is amazing. I’m part of the gaming workshop entitled “Play/Write 3.0: Connecting Game Studies to Composition Pedagogies,” which will cover various levels of implementing games into the classroom. We range from high-tech machinimas to low-tech choose your own adventure narratives. It promises to be very cool and very engaging.

The other thing our workshop team is doing is the first iteration of a CCCC augmented-reality game–a live-action game that centers itself around the activities a typical conference-goer would do. The winner will be published in Kairos, so it’s a great opportunity. Game sign-ups begin at 1 on Wednesday, April 6, and you can like our Facebook page or go to for more information.

My Powerpoint can be found here: Questing Pedagogies


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