What is This? A Post, Perchance?

So what up?

I thought that may be a good way to start a post given I haven’t written in about FOREVER. But it’s fine, because this is my “personal” blog. I don’t need to feel guilty about not writing here. unE, on the other had, I feel really, REALLY badly about–especially when professors say how wonderful it is and whatnot. And then I say what a great blogger I am and how I know so much about WordPress when really, it’s been 3 months since I’ve done anything. Well, that’s a lie. I haven’t done “nothing” per se; I have many unpublished drafts about random things on here, but could never make a good ending, so then I get pissy and never finish. Meh.

But also, life is incredibly hectic right now. I’m prepping for the lit GRE, preparing my MA thesis, creating a syllabus for the composition course I’ll be teaching this fall (Yes, you may call me professor now!), work, submitting conference proposals, etc. etc. Plus, I don’t necessarily want to share too many of my English-y, tech-y things, especially if they may become scholarly material for me to work on. I have a lot of literary interests and pursuits and I’m at a point where I have to “settle down” and decide what I’m going to do. So whatever I come up with that could be a potential area for my Ph.D., dissertation, or whatever else, needs to be kept on the “down low.”

I did get accepted to an 18th Century regional conference (EC ASECS) in Pittsburgh this November (I know you’re probably like 18th? Wtf? It pertains to my MA thesis!), which is great. I’m incredibly nervous, though. Most of my co-panelists have Ph.Ds from respectable schools already, are much older than me, published, etc. And I’ll walk in, blond hair and bubbly personality and they will probably shudder in horror. But I have until November, so maybe I can cool the cuteness by then!

So yeah, this is just a “what up” post. I do want to write another post about real ideas and whatnot, but I thought this would be a good warm-up to get blogging again. So if you actually read this, I can’t believe you just read my boring diatribe about my life. But rock on, anyway. Rock on.

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